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What is an Agency Agreement?
An agreement between you and Star Realty Maitland to enable us to market your home under your conditions. The different types of agency agreements are co-exclusive, exclusive, open or auction
What is a Co-Exclusive Agency?
A signed agency agreement that allows Star Realty Maitland and another agent to market your property under the same terms as an exclusive agency.
What is a Exclusive Agency?
A signed agency agreement that gives the selling rights to a single agent.
What is an Open Agency?
A signed agency agreement that allows more than two agents to sell your property.
What is a Vendor?
The owner of the property being sold.
What is a Conjunction?
Authority given by Star Realty Maitland to another agent, allowing them to show buyers through the property. Should they introduce a buyer the fee is shared with no further cost to you.
What is Market Price?
The price buyers are prepared to pay and you are willing to sell the property for on any given day.
What is Contract?
Usually prepared by your solicitor/conveyancer. This is the legal document to transfer ownership of your property to the buyer.
What is Gazump?
Occurs when negotiations have concluded with the buyer, however before contracts are exchanged, the Vendor negotiates with a second buyer thus the first buyer either walks away or pays more.
What is Managing Agency Agreement?
An agreement between a property owner and Star Realty Maitland enabling us manage your investment property.
What is a Bond?
An amout of money equivalent to four weeks rent to reimburse the owner should the property be left damaged or in poor condition.
What is Tribunal?
An informal court hearing held before a magistrate where a grievance can be held. Either the landlord or tenant can request a hearing.
What is a Tenancy Agreement?
An agreement between the landlord and a tenant authorising the tenant to lease the premises for a set time and a set amount.
What is Term of Lease?
The minimum term is 3 months and the maximum is 12 months.
What is Water Usage?
The landlord pays for all standing charges whilst the tenant is only liable to pay for their actual usage.
What is Termination?
Termination notice is issued when the tenants are in breach of the lease. This could be for non payment of rent, not looking after the property, the property could be sold or you require vacant possession.
What is Insurance?
It is recommended you seek advise from your particular broker, however, we recommend three policies. A building policy for the cover of the building, a contents policy to cover floor coverings, light fittings curtains ect. A landlord policy to cover loss of rent and any damage the tenant may do to the property.
What is the declaration?
The declaration is an authorisation us to have access to obtain personal information from the owner/ agent of your previous address, personal referencees and employer/s, any record listing or database of defaults by tenants.
Does Star Realty Maitland provide finance for first home buyers?
No, however, we are Westpac preferred brokers and can certainly ensure you receive the right advise. Please contact us to find out more!
How long is the "cooling off"period
After exchange of contracts the buyers have 5 working days to rescind the contract for any reason. Unfortunatley the vendors do not have this right. The cooling off period can be waived.